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Our 100 ton GMK4090 is Groves newest crane with all the speed and safety items to maximize your crane services and crane rental needs. 

  • 100 US Ton
  • 167 ft main boom
  • 49 ft bi-fold swing away jib extension for a total of 216 ft of boom
  • 24' X 28' outrigger footprint with mambas capabilities to be smaller.
  • Duel Hoists to speed up the heavy and light picks without switching blocks.
  • Maxbase to ensure setup will fit in tight spaces so some outriggers can be setup shorter without compromising the lifting capabilities of the fully extended outriggers.
  • Pressure Sensors on each outrigger to monitor ground stability to ensure safety throughout the whole job.
  • Boom lights and Hoist Cameras keeps an eye on every part of the job.
  • Remote Control to operate all functions of the crane to give the operator the ability to be next to the pick and eliminate and confusion in hand signals and miscommunication. 


  • Steel Outrigger Pads to create the best stabilization possible.
  • Spreader Bars to keep the rigging from hitting the load.
  • Snow Bags for snow removal from rooftops
  • 5 Sheave 69 ton Hookblock for heavy lifts
  • 1 sheave 18 ton Hookblock for medium lifts
  • Headache Ball 9 ton for small lifts
  • 100 ton crane for hire


Check out all the info and what Groves latest GMK crane has to offer.

GMK4090_Flyer_Q4_imperial_EN_F (pdf)


MAXbase Leaflet (pdf)